July Herb of the Month - Yarrow

Yarrow, Achillea millefolium;

This common plant can often be seen along roadsides. It is commonly found with white flowers; however, it is seen more and more in gardens in pink and yellow varieties.


Carpenter’s weed, Hundred leaf grass, Old man’s mustard, Solider, Thousand seal


Yarrow is an erect herbaceous perennial. It grows just under a foot tall and can grow up to 3ft tall. There is usually one stem, however sometimes more and the top contain many small flowers. It has an astringent scent that is stronger upon breaking the stem and leaves. The Leaves have almost a feather like appearance to them and appear throughout most of the stem.

Parts Used:

Aerial parts


In agriculture Yarrow is used to combat soil erosion as yarrow grows well in drought. In the middle ages' yarrow was used in beer making for flavor and is used to make bitters which aids in digestion. Yarrow is a blood coagulant and because of this is it excellent to stop bleeding and was often used to stop nose bleeds by simply placing leaves into the nostrils. In Ayurvedic medicine yarrow is used for gastrointestinal complaints. In North America is has been chewed on to ease toothaches. It has been drunk as a tea to reduce fever and is a diaphoretic.


The genus name Achillea is derived from the Greek character, Achilles. Achilles reportedly carried Yarrow with him to all of his battles to treat his wounds. It was said that he asked the Gods to help his wounded soldiers during battle and Yarrow grew in the field to aid the soldiers with their battle wounds.

Flower Essence:

White Yarrow works on shielding. It helps where one is vulnerable to one's environment and they are easily influenced by the negative actions of other. It works for individuals with Leaky Aura Syndrome, it is a protection essence. The Chakra associated with Yarrow (White) is Crown although, it works well with all Chakras.

Pink Yarrow is for the person that absorbs too much and who are sensitive to other people's emotions. It is a protective essence and allows one to feel and connect but still feel protected. The Chakras associated with this essence are Root and Heart.


Prolonged use in rare cases has produced allergic skin rashes and photosensitivity.

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