Let's Talk Flower Essence

What are flower essences? Flower essences have been around for centuries, as long as flowers have been around, people have been drawn to them and used them for healing purposes. Flower essence is a subtle energy medicine. A flower essence is a water infusion which holds the vibrational frequency and energy of a flower. Every flower has their own special energy that can be used gently and safely to address emotional imbalances, mind-body health and spiritual development in people.

So, what does that mean exactly? Let’s talk vibrational medicine for a moment. Humans are composed of many energy layers. There is the Physical body, Etheric body, Astral body, Mental body and Casual body. All of which work together to make us who we are. It is not a new notion that long term or chronic emotional stress can manifest in physical pain. This is the same notion when it comes to different healing alternatives. Instead of working on the symptom of the physical pain, flower essence supports the recovery on the emotional or astral level.

There are other well-known types of energy healing. Acupuncture for example is based on the concept of life energy (Qi). Qi flows throughout the body and when it is stuck or blocked that is where acupuncture is used to remove these blocks. Reiki is another form of energy healing and is completed by “the laying of hands” to certain positions of the body to help balance and energy flow through the body. The Chakra system comes from Sanskrit, meaning wheel. It originated in the east, primarily from India and Tibet. The Chakra system is similar to the points of acupuncture but with a greater vibration. They translate energy between the different bodies via vibrational energy.

Just like these energy healing examples; botanicals have an energetic life force too. Have you ever walked by a plant and you couldn’t help but stop and touch it, smell it or just stare at it? Your many energy bodies will know what you need to remain in balance before your brain does. This means that when you are drawn to something, don’t over think and examine why you feel this way. It is happening for a reason, so touch the plant, smell the flowers, meditate in the garden or under that tree you have been eyeing up.

How do we make a flower essence? Because everything has an essence our flower essences are created using the no touch method. This means that the flowers did not come into contact with a person directly during the making of the flower essence. The flower is picked in full bloom on a sunny day with no clouds so no shadow will touch the essence. The flowers are placed in a clear bowl of water and allowed to infuse in the sunlight for up to 3hours (or before they begin to naturally wilt). They are then blended and diluted until there is no trace of plant matter in the blend and only the vibrational energy of the flower remains.

Flower essence can be used in a single formula or blend of 5 or 6 different essences. All the flowers will have a different benefit to the energy of the body. This is why often people will choose flower essences that feel right to them instead of researching and over thinking the different flowers.

Who can benefit from flower essence? In my opinion, everyone. Whether you are feeling daily stresses, dealing with past traumas or phobias, having feelings of self-doubt or low self-worth there is a flower essence or combination for you. Flower essence are safe and simple to use. They are taking in drop dosage, which means 3-5 drops, 3-5 times a day in water or another liquid or right into your mouth. Some people prefer to drop flower essence onto the top of their head during mediation or into their bath water.

I invite you to learn more and discover the power of flower essence and see where the journey takes you.

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