November Herb of the Month - Elecampane

Elecampane (Inula helenium)

Elecampane was a plant I recently added to my garden. It is a perennial with impressive large leaves and yellow flowers. It grows well in zone 3. I quickly fell in love with this garden favorite and added 6 more plants this year.


Horse-heal, elf dock, Velvet dock


Elecampane grows up to 4 or 5 ft tall. It will bloom large yellow flowers from June to August however can sometimes take 2-3 years to flower. The leaves on this plant are magnificence. They are large and paddle shaped. Elecampane is very adaptable to your garden soil but does prefer moist soil in a shadier location.

Parts Used: Roots


The roots of this plant are often used in a syrup for bronchial issues, it is a warming and bitter herb so honey does well to make it palatable. It is an expectorant and makes a great cough syrup as well. It has been used as a digestive remedy to promote appetite and to help prevent upset stomach. It is often used in a tea, tincture or syrup


Elecampane is said to have sprung up from the place where the tears of Helen of Troy fell. It is said that she used to wear the flowers in her hair when she was taken from Sparta and wept from her broken heart.

As a magical herb elecampane has a strong connection with the fae and elf lore. Legend says that elves used to inhabit these large plants

Flower Essence:

As a flower essence Elecampane is used to combat irrational fears and fears that take your breath away.


Individuals with allergies to plants in the asterac

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