Stepping Off the Pebbled Path, the story of our name.

What’s in a name anyways? I have been asked before by friends, strangers, aspiring herbal businesses how I came up with my business name. I have heard your business name should contain part of your own name so your customers can associate your business with you. Or, your business name should encompass your products and services so your customers know what you offer. And while I do agree with all of that, I think that business today is missing that special touch. I believe your name should share the story behind the journey, the reason why the business was started and your names holds a piece of what you want to share with others. And here is the journey of Off the Pebbled Path.

Have you ever strolled along a path, walked deep into the forest, or beside a river bed? Has your walk ever led you just off the path most travelled on by others? I have found that when you step off this path, whether it’s a single step or a giant leap of faith... that, right there is the moment that the magic happens. You see trees instead of the forest, you feel the rocky bed that holds the river and guides it along its way. The path less travelled shares with you all of nature’s secrets. Stepping off the path gives you the opportunity to see new plant life, or an entire eco system fully functioning all on its own that’s packed full of plant medicine, hearing the soothing sounds of the wind between the trees, feeling the softness of your step from the mossy forest bed under your feet, and smelling the flowers and fresh running water that fill the air around you.

I thought of the name Off the Pebbled Path, because I felt this moment, where you step off is where one can start their own journey to find peace, beauty in all of nature’s things, and maybe even a little enlightenment. It’s the feeling of freedom that one gets when they simply step off to the side or when the world is spinning out of control you can ground yourself in a single step. Why am I here? What am I looking for? And why haven’t I done this sooner?

Over the years I have gained respect for simple acts like forest bathing. ‘And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul ~ John Muir’. What does this mean to you? Does this speak to you? To me forest bathing is mediation for the soul when your body can sit still. I could wander for hours never losing my way, but never having a thought in my mind either. Its clearing, cleansing and resetting. I see things and notice things I would not have during my busy urban life. I can hear my body tell me what it needs....’slow down, appreciate the now, be present’. All of this glory because of the simple act of stepping Off the Pebbled Path.

My journey to finding my business name came literally from being Off the Pebbled Path. But what if we took it for more than that. What if stepping outside of our norms brought us to a place where we can live healthier lifestyles? Being out in nature changes our mindset to a place where we want to make healthier choices, we look at nutrition as health sustaining and regenerating instead of just filling a void, physical activity is a light hike or kayaking with friends as an act of visiting or hanging out instead of an hour alone on a treadmill because we feel we have to. 

When you choose to go back to the basics of being outside for enjoyment, eating whole foods, socializing in nature your body does this amazing thing. You become more positive, content with life, nourished both by vital minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Your body begins to crave this lifestyle, you don’t notice the need to lay down, take 5 or relax because there is a peaceful feeling of content that comes with puttering around the garden, walking through the yard, hiking with your friends.

As I reflect on my attempt to express the story of my name, it bends and curves to encompass more than just the name, but a whole idea of a healthier holistic life. A life that our ancestors once lived and not that long ago. They would step off their paths to hunt and gather, preparing their meals with intent. They socialized while the chores got done, leaned on each other for support and guidance. Life in many ways was much simpler and it was definitely more meaningful.

I encourage everyone to get out in nature, forest bath if you can or ground yourself by placing your bare feet on earth. Calm your mind and be present. What you hear? What do you feel? Can you see beauty that was never there before? Before you stepped off the pebbled path.

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